about us.

We're a young European rock label driven by the love for great music. Our goal is to bring only the best new artists to our fans.

Born in 2014 after years of experience in the music business, during the last decade we've noticed how digital streaming has exposed how little appeal cheap plastic CD cases had to the fans: that's why we only offer the best when we print our albums. We take advantage of special artistic papers, modern printing techniques and innovative packaging design.
Recently we've also invested in textile printing, so we can now print our own shirts, using soft hybrid-inks and premium-quality shirts.
We make objects you can love.

We're currently listening to post-rock, post-metal, modern metal, indie rock but we're always open to anything new that will make us jump on our seats. If you're a young rock band, or if you know a good unsigned one, please get in touch with us!

Distributed worldwide by Season of Mist, Goodfellas and Believe Digital, we are a RadiciMusic Records sub-label, a 16-years old recording company with great experience and recognition.


To submit your music to us:

It might take a couple of weeks, but we always reply!

Submission rules:
  • Only unreleased and original material.
  • European-based artists only.
  • No attachments to the email.
  • Include a link to an EPK and/or to a place where to listen or download to the full album (private Soundcloud, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Send 320kbps mp3. Please avoid unnecessarily huge wav files.
  • To invest on bands, we're looking for bands ready to invest on themselves. If you're not ready to commit to your project, you're not ready to be released on the market.
  • We're a commercial entity, so be prepared to compete with the market. If you don't feel comfortable with that, maybe you don't need a label at all.
We're actually looking for:
  • Anything post- (post-rock, metal, etc.).
  • Modern metal
  • Modern doom metal
  • Progressive
  • Indie rock
  • Shoegaze
  • Electronic music if related with the indie scene (Retrowave, Folktronica, indietronica, etc.)
  • Anything rock-related with an innovative twist.
We're NOT looking for:
  • Anything not rock-related like: rap, hip-hop, pop etc.
  • Classic metal (thrash, NWOBHM, etc.)
  • Extreme metal (death, black, etc. UNLESS it has post- elements)
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To get in touch with us:


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